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The next story is a ghost story

There once was a tradition that people would tell ghost stories around Christmas time, especially on Christmas Eve. Victorian authors adapted the tradition, writing ghost stories for the December issue or Christmas annual of whatever periodicals they wrote for. The … Continue reading

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Oregon vampires and elves

Suzy Beal, who occasionally comments here, sent me a clipping of a story that caused both of my eyebrows to go up in utter astonishment. Just read it. It explains the header for this post, quite ludicrously. I had to … Continue reading

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Review: Mitchell, Witchcraft and Magic in the Nordic Middle Ages

An acquaintance mentioned to me a talk on “Witchcraft and the Law in Medieval Scandinavia” by Prof. Stephen A. Mitchell of Harvard University that she had heard and enjoyed. So I looked up Prof. Mitchell’s 2011 book, which includes a … Continue reading

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