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Conspiracies, imaginary and real

On this date in 1791, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s The Magic Flute had its premiere in Vienna. For those of you who don’t know, The Magic Flute is famous for incorporating a great deal of Masonic symbolism into both the music and plot … Continue reading

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Chapter 32 of Martha’s Children, and Mudd

What’s a good Catholic girl to do? Nora’s brother is leading a group of vampires who want reinstatement as cops, and Nora herself has been bitten by the same vampire who killed all those cops. So she turns, naturally, to … Continue reading

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For once, a video that does justice to the book: The Green Man

You’ve heard the refrain: if only the movie had been true to the book, it would have been so much better! Of course, much of what can make a book good are things that are difficult to capture in a … Continue reading

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Chapter 31 of Martha’s Children, and getting rid of ghosts

As the sorcerers’ war between Edward Cross and Martha Fokker heats up, Ivy McIlwraith finds herself on the sidelines, unable to help directly. But Ivy’s stock in trade, as a scholar and librarian, has been information, and she decided to … Continue reading

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Stoker devolution: from Dracula to Seven Stars to The Awakening

Between having some idle time, and doing some Egyptian-themed reading, I decided to watch a movie I’d been meaning to see for some years, The Awakening. No, I’m not going Kate Chopin on you, nor am I talking about the 2011 … Continue reading

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Chapter 30 of Martha’s Children, and Mayor Richard J. Daley

Blood has been shed in the sorcerers’ war, and Ned’s vampire cops are caught in the middle. “Mother” Fokker isn’t happy about that, and she’s not exactly known for her good temper. But you don’t get to be a centuries-old … Continue reading

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Off topic, off blog: 9/11 commemorations

“9/11” gets a lot of attention in the United States, for good reason. But it doesn’t generate much thought. I don’t normally touch contemporary political issues here on Sillyverse, by design. Still, I have a few words to say about … Continue reading

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