My thanks to my readers (and a pat on the back for myself, I admit)

My thanks to the readers who started, attempted, perused, slogged through, sampled, read end-to-end, or otherwise spent time on Tollon and Magician’s Apprentice these last three months. I hope you were entertained at least some of the time.

Me, I’m happy to have been able to sustain a chapter-a-day rate (with two short two-day breaks) for ninety chapters. (Yes, you read 90 chapters! If you did, that is.) It’s time to take a longer break and figure out what story comes next.

There’s a rule a writer should follow: don’t tell the same story twice. Which is an amazingly difficult rule to follow. As a writer, I find myself attracted to the same themes, character types, narrative tricks, and such, making it far too easy to pour the same old contents into what should be a new story. Good writers either find many important things to say, or they become talented at recasting their ideas in boldly innovative ways. For the rest of us, that’s a work in progress.

Which is why what comes next for me is a work in progress. Until I can put it up here on the blog, see you around, and I hope to stop by your blogs.

Me after a rough day trying to write a story


About Brian Bixby

I enjoy history because it helps me understand people. I'm writing fiction for much the same reason.
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1 Response to My thanks to my readers (and a pat on the back for myself, I admit)

  1. Look forward to whatever it may be. 🙂

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