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In memoriam: Robin St. John Conover (1944 – 2008)

It’s her birthday today, so I thought I would say a few words about my first Internet friend, Robin St. John Conover. We met in an online Brontë forum. I was the amateur, just reading my way through all the … Continue reading

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In memoriam – ICB

Last Friday, my mother, Isabella (Kyle) Campbell Bixby, passed away at age 92. She had been in an assisted living situation for almost two years, after a fall that injured her back and required her to use a walker, which … Continue reading

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Death of a hat

Besides visiting a fellow blogger, my partner E.J. and I spent several days last month in Normandy. Neither of us had been there before. Friends of ours own a pre-Revolutionary farmhouse that has come down through their family. Considering that … Continue reading

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Reaching out to a fellow blogger

Who’s that blogger you follow, or that comments on your blog? Is it a real person, or just someone trying to sell you something? And would you ever want to meet the real person behind that blog in person? For the … Continue reading

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Women as werewolves: reviewing Ginger Snaps and When Animals Dream

Horror creatures began as men. Varney the Vampyre and Dracula, Universal’s werewolf, even the original mummy monster, they were all guys. “Ah,” but I hear you say, “what about J. Sheridan Le Fanu’s Carmilla?” Thank you for making my point. … Continue reading

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Harry hits the road in chapter 14 of Magician’s Misfortune

“It’s my way and the highway,” Persephone Désirée Arabia Nightfeather Sanderson tells Harry Eberhardt after deciding not to kill him. Seffie gets pissed off at men turning up in her bed uninvited, especially when they don’t even come in through the … Continue reading

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My fall from grace: getting a smart phone

My younger readers are laughing their heads off, while my older ones are nodding sagely, or perhaps ruefully. Smart phones are no longer cutting edge; they are the norm. But let’s be clear: a smart phone is not a phone. It … Continue reading

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