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Lilly, Warrior Princess

She came to us after a long journey. Twice she had been cast out, twice driven into exile. She wanted a place to rest her weary bones, a place where she could huddle in a chair and conserve what little … Continue reading

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Responding to Crimson’s Creative Challenge #90

My friend Crispina Kemp does a weekly “challenge” to her readers, to respond to a photograph she has posted. This week, she posted the following photo: In response, I offer this photo, of my own composition: It’s from Angla, on … Continue reading

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Magician’s Apprentice Chapter XXXV

The story so far: Tollon’s quest to slay a dragon has been delayed as he finds his old school devastated by the vanishing sickness. Now read on . . . “Ovad.” When he briefly reappeared from the vanishing sickness, Honorable … Continue reading

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Intermission: The witch Isobel Gowdie

I thank so many of you readers for following the tale of Tollon, the Magician’s Apprentice, for the last thirty days. If you haven’t been reading it, the entire story can be found here. If you have been reading it, know … Continue reading

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Amusing game for our times: what groceries do you buy for the end of the world?

It’s not the end of the world. But the way people are clearing out supermarkets here in the United States, you’d think it was. I went into my local stores and found almost all the bread racks empty. Except . … Continue reading

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A useful suggestion for Harry and Meghan

It’s the weekend. Time for lighter topics, such as “Whatever shall we do about Harry and Meghan?” For those of you who missed it, Harry and Meghan, a.k.a. the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, members of the British Royal Family, … Continue reading

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Pterodactyl Taxidermy

Pterodactyl Taxidermy Do YOU have a specimen of an extinct species you would like to have stuffed? Is your old stuffed dodo losing feathers? Does the arsenic and formaldehyde in your old stuffed animals give you headaches or cardiac arrest? … Continue reading

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The story of a chess game

Games are something like stories. In role-playing games, the connection is obvious, but it’s true even of board games. So I want to tell the story of one such game, a game of chess. I was on my high school’s … Continue reading

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A report on the state of my health

I had a cold. It was a promiscuous cold; others had had it before me. And yet it clung to me like an unpaid student loan. I tried to use whiskey as an antibiotic. It went viral. I tried to … Continue reading

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The Coldest City for an Atomic Blonde

My partner is a cartoonist. So we take a particular interest in movies that are based on comics. For example, no sooner did we see The Death of Stalin, then she was on the phone to France, asking a friend to … Continue reading

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