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Chapter 3 of Prophecies and Penalties is up

Emily Fisher can relax about one point: she now knows who Bonnie Knowles is. But why did Bonnie marry Ethan Knowles, center of one of the biggest scandals in Quasopon’s recent history? And just what did he do? The answers are … Continue reading

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50 years dead: Grace Metalious and Peyton Place

It was fifty years ago today that the unhappy Grace Metalious (born Marie Grace DeRepentigny, 1924 – 1964), author of that scandalous best seller, Peyton Place, succeeded in drinking herself to death. In her lifetime, Peyton Place was banned from libraries and bookstores … Continue reading


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Chapter Two of Prophecies and Penalties, and Charlie on the MTA

So Emily Fisher is going back to her home town, which she doesn’t want to do, to investigate a murder, something she doesn’t know how to do. Misery may love company, but Emily doesn’t have any on her flight to … Continue reading

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Review: Flowers, Galdrabok: Icelandic Book of Magic

A few years ago, I found out from Owen Davies’ Grimoires  that there was an English translation of an Icelandic grimoire. Having developed an interest in the Icelandic sagas and the curious magic in them, I meant to hunt the translation … Continue reading

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An old birthday and a new story

First, a new story kicks off today, Prophecies and Penalties. Meet data analyst Emily Fisher. She’s going home. Great? She doesn’t think so. She’s even less happy about the reason why. You can start with chapter one, “The Iron Lady.” And … Continue reading

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Getting back on schedule

Sillyverse will go back on a regular schedule Friday, February 14, 2014, with a fiction post on that day, and another post on varied subjects on Monday or Tuesday. That means a new story starting on Valentine’s Day, which long-time readers … Continue reading

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The Governor’s Proclamation

It is the custom in the United States of America that state governors issue proclamations to note special days, weeks, or months, and the reason for their designation. Here is the draft of one such proclamation to be issued tomorrow. … Continue reading

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