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Chapter 3 of Magician’s Misfortune

Harry Eberhardt: professional magician, government agent, and God’s gift to women. For Harry, even a murder investigation is an opportunity to score, not that he’s into corpses, mind you. Or the truculent female bartender and amateur magician “Nightfeather” Sanderson, who combines … Continue reading


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Chapter two of Magician’s Misfortune

So Harry Eberhardt has a case, a demon traveling the Interstates and killing people. It could be his ticket out of his government agency’s “Siberia.” “I’ll drink to that,” says Harry in chapter 2 of Magician’s Misfortune. That is, if he … Continue reading

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Starting a new story: Magician’s Misfortune

Meet Harry Everhardt. Harry is in his thirties, divorced, and works for the Federal Government. Harry’s unhappy with his job and in his off-hours has bad luck pursuing women. He has bad luck pursuing women on the job, too, which … Continue reading

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Not quite the start of another story

A long time ago (July 31) in a place far, far away (my home, which is not where I am at the moment), an author (me) laid down his pen (interpret this figuratively, unless you want to imagine me marking … Continue reading

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Inspiration in a letter from the past

Just today I stumbled across a letter I had long forgotten, a letter I wrote my parents on their 39th wedding anniversary. That was over 23 years ago. They saved it.♥ There was one passage that explains a lot about … Continue reading

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