Magician’s Apprentice

This is the home page for Magician’s Apprentice. It will include links to all chapters other than the most recent one. And all chapters are linked to the chapters immediately before and after them (except the most recent chapter).

Tollon is an apprentice working for Sarton, the Royal Magician. Court life is very complex, very political, and as it turns out, very amatory. Tollon has to navigate it all to keep himself in Sarton’s good graces while not running afoul of the numerous people who would like to see him hang, might soon want to see him hang, and in some cases even want to hang him themselves.

Part I – Profile of an Apprentice

Chapter I – Introducing the Apprentice to the Royal Magician.

Chapter II – The Hazards of Being an Apprentice.

Chapter III – Profile of a Court Magician.

Chapter IV – The Flayed Thief.

Chapter V – Too Many Surprises.

Chapter VI – Pillow Talk and Politics.

Chapter VII – He is a Magician, After All.

Chapter VIII – At the Great Market.

Chapter IX – Spellbound.

Chapter X – What Did I Just Do?

Chapter XI – Change of Plans.

Part II – It’s a Tough Life

Chapter XII – The Magician Instructs.

Chapter XIII – Tainted Love.

Chapter XIV – The Caring Nightmare.

Chapter XV – Ambivalence and Uncertainty.

Chapter XVI – Escape, or Caught?

Chapter XVII – In Hiding.

Chapter XVIII – The Politics of Hiding.

Chapter XIX – A Royal Audience.