Magician’s Apprentice

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Tollon is an apprentice working for Sarton, the Royal Magician. Court life is very complex, very political, and as it turns out, very amatory. Tollon has to navigate it all to keep himself in Sarton’s good graces while not running afoul of the numerous people who would like to see him hang, might soon want to see him hang, and in some cases even want to hang him themselves.

Part I – Profile of an Apprentice

Chapter I – Introducing the Apprentice to the Royal Magician.

Chapter II – The Hazards of Being an Apprentice.

Chapter III – Profile of a Court Magician.

Chapter IV – The Flayed Thief.

Chapter V – Too Many Surprises.

Chapter VI – Pillow Talk and Politics.

Chapter VII – He is a Magician, After All.

Chapter VIII – At the Great Market.

Chapter IX – Spellbound.

Chapter X – What Did I Just Do?

Chapter XI – Change of Plans.

Part II – It’s a Tough Life

Chapter XII – The Magician Instructs.

Chapter XIII – Tainted Love.

Chapter XIV – The Caring Nightmare.

Chapter XV – Ambivalence and Uncertainty.

Chapter XVI – Escape, or Caught?

Chapter XVII – In Hiding.

Chapter XVIII – The Politics of Hiding.

Chapter XIX – A Royal Audience.

Chapter XX – Council of War.

Part III – Mia

Chapter XXI – Learning Magic.

Chapter XXII – I Need To Stop Doing This.

Chapter XXIII – Not My Neighborhood.

Chapter XXIV – Bargaining With Magic.

Chapter XXV – Cleaning the Workshop.

Chapter XXVI – Summing a Spirit in Grand Style.

Chapter XXVII – An Unexpected Danger.

Chapter XXVIII – Testing For Fae.

Chapter XXIX – Obligations.

Chapter XXX – Slave No More.

Part IV – Quest

Chapter XXXI – Sarton Sets a Task.

Chapter XXXII – Dragon Quest.

Chapter XXXIII – A Familiar Haunt.

Chapter XXXIV – Deserted School.

Chapter XXXV – Going Home.

Chapter XXXVI – Second Sight.

Chapter XXXVII – Confronting the Dragon.

Chapter XXXVIII – Battling the Dragon!

Chapter XXXIX – Not Quite What was Expected.

Part V – Fighting Gods

Chapter XL – An Unexpected Guest.

Chapter XLI – On the Road to Tebestora.

Chapter XLII – The Threat.

Chapter XLIII – Council of War.

Chapter XLIV – Crossing to Another World.

Chapter XLV – Danger!

Chapter XLVI – Digging for the Truth.

Chapter XLVII – Chatting With a God.

Chapter XLVIII – Possessed.

Chapter XLIX – When Gods Fight.

Chapter L – Victory?

Part VI: Magician and Conspirator

Chapter LI – Working At a Higher Level.

Chapter LII – Revealing Plots.

Chapter LIII – Back in Gehulia.

Chapter LIV – Complications.

Chapter LV – A Gift and a Catastrophe.

Chapter LVI – The Queen is Out of Her Mind.

Chapter LVII – Lady Gwella’s Explanation.

Chapter LVIII – Personal Problems, Political Problems.

Chapter LIX – Unexpected News From a God.

Chapter LX – Desperate Expedients.

Part VII: Fugitive

Chapter LXI – Escape.

Chapter LXII – Undercover Man.

Chapter LXIII – Bad News.

Chapter LXIV – Refuge Untenable.

Chapter LXV – Shipbound.

Chapter LXVI – Tanafisay.

Chapter LXVII – The Contenders.

Chapter LXVIII – Watching the Auditions.

Chapter LXIX – Tollon the Bard.

Chapter LXX – Prison Break.

Chapter LXXI – The Prince is Indisposed.

Chapter LXXII – Just Rewards.

Part VIII – Avenger?

Chapter LXXIII – Setting Sail for Home.

Chapter LXXIV – Life on a Yacht.

Chapter LXXV – The Sea-Serpent.

Chapter LXXVI – Worry.

Chapter LXXVII – Return to Auspulia.

Chapter LXXVIII – We Face Additional Difficulties.

Chapter LXXIX – Going to War.

Chapter LXXX – Surveying the Scene.

Chapter LXXXI – The High Priestess.

Chapter LXXXII – Invading the Palace.

Chapter LXXXIII – A Former Ally.

Chapter LXXXIV – The Morals of Gods and Humans.

Chapter LXXXV – Demi-God.

Chapter LXXXVI – While You’ve Been Out of It.

Chapter LXXXVII – Just Us Demigods Talking.

Chapter LXXXVIII – Coping With an Uncertain Future.

Chapter LXXXIX – Doing It Right.