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Misadventures while nearsighted

I’m nearsighted. Been that way for a long time. Don’t always have my eyes checked until I notice the prescription is off. So I tend to be cautious around things I haven’t really looked at. The cartoonist James Thurber (1894 … Continue reading

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Chapter 7 of Prophecies and Penalties

Last chapter concluded with Milltown’s treasurer, Sonia Hoopes, dropping a bombshell in Emily’s lap. This time, it’s Tanya, Emily’s new servant, who does the unexpected. See why Emily needs three hands in “Love and Authority,” chapter 7 of Prophecies and Penalties. And … Continue reading

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Alchemists of alchemy: Principe and Jonson

Everything you know about alchemy is wrong. Well, not everything. Yes, some alchemists tried to discover the Philosophers’ Stone, which could turn base metal into gold and guarantee long life and health. Sort of like going to Vegas. In his … Continue reading

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Chapter 6 of Prophecies and Penalties, and Spring

In chapter six of Prophecies and Penalties, “Going among the Children,” Emily Fisher returns to the religious communities that she left with her family twenty years ago. Emily’s not exactly looking forward to this, since she’s on a murder investigation, and … Continue reading

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I don’t remember most of my dreams, and I remember few in detail. I don’t think I’m missing out on too much. When I wake up from a dream and try to recall it, I usually find it is logically … Continue reading

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Chapter 5 of Prophecies and Penalties

So it’s time for Police Chief Bonnie Knowles and newly hired private investigator Emily Fisher to get down to the business of finding the person who murdered High Council member Stephen Nash. Emily’s trying to figure out what’s going on. … Continue reading

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The Improved Order of the Guano Bats

If you are reading this, you are almost certainly not a member of THE IMPROVED ORDER OF THE GUANO BATS. But you can be a follower. Followers (a.k.a wannabe Guano Bats) are called “owls,” most definitely spelled in lower case, … Continue reading

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