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Becoming a dual citizen

I recently turned myself into a dual citizen. I’m now a citizen both of the United States, where I was born, and of Ireland, where I have ancestors. So I have two perfectly legal passports. This was not something I’d … Continue reading

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Inspiration in a letter from the past

Just today I stumbled across a letter I had long forgotten, a letter I wrote my parents on their 39th wedding anniversary. That was over 23 years ago. They saved it.♥ There was one passage that explains a lot about … Continue reading

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Bicycle travels: Nashua River Rail Trail

This story begins almost two centuries ago, when the mills came to New England. They built great cities; Waltham and Lowell were but the first. And these cities sat on rivers, for the mills needed water power to run their … Continue reading

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Going historical, going pirate, adding a blog

As some of you know, I have a string of degrees, some even in related subjects, to follow my name when I bother to use them. (I rarely bother, though when I’m feeling snooty, I sometimes insist on being called … Continue reading

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Freedom of the blog

It was on this date in 1735 that a jury, in contravention to established law, acquitted Peter Zenger of libel against the colonial governor of New York, on the grounds that the so-called libels were actually true. It’s a celebrated … Continue reading

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The trial, Chapter 25 of Prophecies and Penalties, and Queen Caroline’s trial

The trial is on! Defendant: Emily Fisher. Charges: Demonolatry, corrupting the young. Court: the High Council of the Children of the New Revelation. Prosecutor: Harold Lewis, of the High Council. Defender: Sonia Hoopes, Treasurer, Milltown council. In the eyes of … Continue reading

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It is good to be the king

Today’s the 37th birthday of the heir to the throne of Sweden (Happy birthday, Vicky!) and tomorrow’s the 329th anniversary of execution of the would-be heir to the British throne, the Duke of Monmouth. Americans are rather ignorant of monarchies, … Continue reading

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