Summer of the Netherfield Witch

Meet Jane. Jane is fourteen. By definition, Jane is unhappy. Jane has just been uprooted from her friends in Boston to relocate to the small resort town of Netherfield. It has everything a girl could want, if she doesn’t mind dating a llama. But there’s a bit more to Netherfield than meets the eye, as Jane quickly finds out. Strange things happen in Netherfield. Jane had best be careful.

Oh, and have a swell summer, Jane!

Part I: Spring

Chapter 1: This is the end of my life (Posted Friday, February 6, 2015.)

Chapter 2: Charming domestic scenes (Posted Friday, February 13, 2015.)

Chapter 3: Strange friends and strangers (Posted Friday, February 20, 2015.)

Chapter 4: Never the right amount of information (Posted Friday, February 27, 2015.)

Chapter 5: Jane embattled (Posted Friday, March 6, 2015.)

Chapter 6: Voices of reason? (Posted Friday, March 13, 2015.)

Chapter 7: The relatives come to visit (Posted Friday, March 20, 2015.)

Part II: Summer arrives

Chapter 8: Communing with nature (Posted Friday, March 27, 2015.)

Chapter 9: Communing with people (Posted Friday, April 3, 2015.)

Chapter 10: Mysteries and mistakes (Posted Friday, April 10, 2015.)

Chapter 11: Miranda takes charge (Posted Friday, April 17, 2015.)

Chapter 12: The ends justify the means (Posted Friday, April 24, 2015.)

Chapter 13: Shopping for souls (Posted Friday, May 1, 2015.)

Chapter 14: Questions of identity (Posted Friday, May 8, 2015.)

Chapter 15: Attack of the copying machine? (Posted Friday, May 15, 2015.)

Chapter 16: Things I don’t tell Mother (Posted Friday, May 22, 2015.)

Chapter 17: Living in the realm of the dead (Posted Friday, May 29, 2015.)

Chapter 18: A peculiar set of friends (Posted Friday, June 5, 2015.)

Chapter 19: That not even a dog could love (Posted Friday, June 12, 2015.)

Chapter 20: I hit rock bottom (Posted Friday, June 19, 2015.)

Part III: Jane takes control?

Chapter 21: It’s time I ended this (Posted Friday, June 26, 2015.)

Chapter 22: Planning is important, but luck is essential (Posted Friday, July 3, 2015.)

Chapter 23: Dueling witches (Posted Friday, July 10, 2015.)

Chapter 24: Passing judgment (Posted Friday, July 17, 2015.)

Chapter 25: Hestia’s revenge (Posted Friday, July 24, 2015.)

Chapter 26: There’s always a loose end or two (Posted Friday, July 31, 2015.)


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