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A Halloween short story: Dead Cellphone

According to WordPress, I just hit 200 people following this blog on the 25th. So, between that and Halloween, it’s time to celebrate with an original horror story. And here’s the link to it: it is called “Dead Cellphone.” “Dead … Continue reading

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Review: William Hope Hodgson, The Ghost Pirates (1909)

William Hope Hodgson (1877 – 1918) was a modestly successful English writer in his day, until he joined up in World War I and was killed on the battlefields of France. His reputation, never great, languished for several decades. In … Continue reading

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The conclusion to Martha’s Children

The struggle between Martha Fokker and Edward Cross is over. But what does that mean for Ned O’Donnell’s vampire police? And what of Martha and Cross, for that matter? And who’s going to tell us all this, anyhow? Find out … Continue reading

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No post today or tomorrow; three on Halloween

Sorry to make a post about not posting, but that’s what this is. I won’t be making my usual Monday or Tuesday post, because I’m working on three posts for Halloween. See you then!

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Chapter 36 of Martha’s Children, and Halloween next

Finally Edward Cross and Martha Fokker are poised to engage in deadly combat. And holding the balance of power between them is the sorceress who calls herself Make Love Not War, who is Martha’s friend . . . but sitting … Continue reading

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The magic of Owen Davies

Owen Davies is a U.K.-based scholar who has been writing scholarly and popular books on magic and witchcraft for more than a decade now. I’d only learned about him by reading his Grimoires: A History of Magic Books (2009), which I … Continue reading

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Chapter 35 of Martha’s Children, with the end in sight

Ned’s attempt to establish a vampire police bureau has gotten tangled up in a sorcerers’ war pitting Martha Fokker against Edward Cross. Martha is not known for the sweetness of her temper. She’s going to put an end to this … Continue reading

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Off to the movies: one old, one new: Hell House, Hell Baby

I live with someone who does not enjoy horror films, so when she’s away, I often rent them. This last weekend was one such occasion, so I watched two films, 1973’s The Legend of Hell House and this year’s Hell Baby. The … Continue reading

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Chapter 34 of Martha’s Children, and op art

The last time we saw Nora O’Donnell, her brother was a vampire, her parents under the control of sorcerers, and she had just toppled backward into . . . nothing? Well, it turns out to be a very specific nothing, … Continue reading

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Playing at history: your author as George S. Boutwell

I mentioned in my previous post that I’d be spending this last Saturday in my old home town, playing a historical character. The character I was playing was George S. Boutwell (1818 – 1905), who served as a Massachusetts governor, … Continue reading

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