No post today or tomorrow; three on Halloween

Sorry to make a post about not posting, but that’s what this is. I won’t be making my usual Monday or Tuesday post, because I’m working on three posts for Halloween. See you then!

About Brian Bixby

I enjoy history because it helps me understand people. I'm writing fiction for much the same reason.
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4 Responses to No post today or tomorrow; three on Halloween

  1. crimsonprose says:

    Thanks for the warning. I’ll see if I can rearrange my reading schedule. 🙂

  2. Judy says:

    Ditto Crimson!!

    • Brian Bixby says:

      Which reminds me, Judy — thanks to the blog post on Brian Aldiss’s “Billion Year Spree” (for which I have you to thank for the book!), BBC’s World Book Club came calling to ask if I had any questions to ask Aldiss when they cover his 1964 novel “Greybeard” next month. No guarantee they’ll use my question, but it was nice to be asked.

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