The final chapter of Prophecies and Penalties

It’s been a long road for Emily Fisher since she came to Quasopon to solve the murder of Stephen Nash, a member of the High Council of the Children of the New Revelation. She met the Prophesied One and became the Prophesied One. She solved a murder, and the resolution everyone knows is wrong. She had the joy of meeting family members whom she never knew before, and all the complications that came with them. And now she’s almost ready to leave. Still, it’s time for “A party before I go,” the epilog of Prophecies and Penalties.

"My name is Gabriel Fisher, and these are the mothers of some of my children."

“My name is Gabriel Fisher, and these are the mothers of some of my children.”

That’s it for this year. If you missed it, I did indeed post a Christmas ghost story, “When the ghost came in from the cold.” I don’t expect any new story will go up on this blog until February. Though I hope to post something on the sci-fi/fantasy convention ARISIA and a review of the writing of Prophecies and Penalties, and possibly some other things, during the month of January. Meanwhile, you can catch my sister blog, Sillyhistory, as I explore the world of pirates for an upcoming course I’m teaching.

And a happy new year of 2015 to all you readers!


About Brian Bixby

I enjoy history because it helps me understand people. I'm writing fiction for much the same reason.
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