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Traveling in imagination to Viking Iceland

I’ve recently been reading books on medieval Iceland. It’s a fascinating period in a curious land. The island was settled by Vikings fleeing from the rule of the first major Norwegian king, Harald Finehair (c. 850 – c. 932), or … Continue reading

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Review: Flowers, Galdrabok: Icelandic Book of Magic

A few years ago, I found out from Owen Davies’¬†Grimoires¬† that there was an English translation of an Icelandic grimoire. Having developed an interest in the Icelandic sagas and the curious magic in them, I meant to hunt the translation … Continue reading

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Chapter 31 of Martha’s Children, and getting rid of ghosts

As the sorcerers’ war between Edward Cross and Martha Fokker heats up, Ivy McIlwraith finds herself on the sidelines, unable to help directly. But Ivy’s stock in trade, as a scholar and librarian, has been information, and she decided to … Continue reading


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