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Reaching out to a fellow blogger

Who’s that blogger you follow, or that comments on your blog? Is it a real person, or just someone trying to sell you something? And would you ever want to meet the real person behind that blog in person? For the … Continue reading

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Looking ahead and behind, though not both at once

I’m snowed in today, and the class I’m teaching on “Pirates!” is cancelled for tonight, so it’s a good time to reflect. Where had this blog been? Where is it going? If you’re short on time, the most important news … Continue reading

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The year in review: 2014

I just finished up writing the last chapter of Prophecies and Penalties Sunday night, so it seems like a good time to review where Sillyverse has gone this year. It’s been a year of consolidation and retrenchment. The blog has featured one … Continue reading

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Freedom of the blog

It was on this date in 1735 that a jury, in contravention to established law, acquitted Peter Zenger of libel against the colonial governor of New York, on the grounds that the so-called libels were actually true. It’s a celebrated … Continue reading

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The middle of the year

Tomorrow is July 1, 2014. Summer officially began with the equinox on June 21. Midsummer Night, June 23, I sometimes sit back with a good drink and read Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I have to admit I didn’t do it … Continue reading

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Getting back on schedule

Sillyverse will go back on a regular schedule Friday, February 14, 2014, with a fiction post on that day, and another post on varied subjects on Monday or Tuesday. That means a new story starting on Valentine’s Day, which long-time readers … Continue reading

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Accepting the Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I recently received notifications from two bloggers that they had nominated me for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award.” My first reaction was that inspiration must be getting scarce for me to be nominated, twice at that. However, this is not an … Continue reading

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Closing out the year on the Sillyverse blog

2013 was a good year for the Sillyverse blog. I wrote, you all replied. So this end of year will sum up what I did, what you did, and what’s to come. What did I do? In 2013, I finished … Continue reading

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The blog from now until February, 2014

With the conclusion of my Christmastime ghost story Nightfeather: Ghosts yesterday, this blog is going off its regular schedule until February 1, 2014. That doesn’t mean there won’t be any posts, just that they won’t follow a regular schedule, let alone … Continue reading

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Sillyverse is a year old!

I started the blog on August 21, 2012, promising “stories of magic and mystery.” Since then, I’ve offered you two novel-length serials (one in progress), with a new chapter every week, two posts most week on varied topics, usually related … Continue reading

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