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Chapter V of Magician’s Apprentice

The story so far: Tollon is hunting for dragon’s teeth on behalf of his master, Court Magician Sarton. He’s met up with famed mercenary captain Katrina, who advises him to blackmail the Earl of Haulloran to get some. If you want … Continue reading

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Amusing game for our times: what groceries do you buy for the end of the world?

It’s not the end of the world. But the way people are clearing out supermarkets here in the United States, you’d think it was. I went into my local stores and found almost all the bread racks empty. Except . … Continue reading

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A useful suggestion for Harry and Meghan

It’s the weekend. Time for lighter topics, such as “Whatever shall we do about Harry and Meghan?” For those of you who missed it, Harry and Meghan, a.k.a. the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, members of the British Royal Family, … Continue reading

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Pterodactyl Taxidermy

Pterodactyl Taxidermy Do YOU have a specimen of an extinct species you would like to have stuffed? Is your old stuffed dodo losing feathers? Does the arsenic and formaldehyde in your old stuffed animals give you headaches or cardiac arrest? … Continue reading

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A report on the state of my health

I had a cold. It was a promiscuous cold; others had had it before me. And yet it clung to me like an unpaid student loan. I tried to use whiskey as an antibiotic. It went viral. I tried to … Continue reading

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Oh You Sexy Monster, You! (NSFW)

It’s time for the “Oh You Sexy Monster, You!” awards, Sillyverse edition. This award post is the result of a conversation over at the Sci-Fi & Scary blog, in which I casually challenged its two authors to come up with … Continue reading

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Sex and work collide in chapter six of To Ride the Lightning Bolt

Poor Daphne Vane. She can’t seem to escape unwanted attention at home or at work. Admittedly, some of that attention is well-intentioned, and Daphne is willing to toy with some ploys. And yet nothing seems to be working out quite … Continue reading

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