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Chapter 15 of Summer of the Netherfield Witch, and a new Miranda Milan picture

Jane has barely survived a trip to the Mall of Lost Souls. And now she faces an “Attack of the copying machine?” in chapter 15 of Summer of the Netherfield Witch? Obviously that encounter with the monstrous mall security guard has … Continue reading

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THAT walking stick will be in an art show

Some of you remember the dragon-head walking stick that played such a significant role in The Dragon Lady of Stockbridge: A Tale of Magic in the Gilded Age. Well, the original art for one version of the walking stick is going … Continue reading

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Chapter 15 of Martha’s Children, and the Vampire Bureau’s star

Sherlock Kammen may now be a vampire, but he’s still a detective, and detectives rely on building up information to support their plans and actions. In chapter 15 of Martha’s Children, “Aye, marry, I’ll be gone about it straight,” Kammen works … Continue reading

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Art show/art sale: Rebecca’s walking stick drawings

As readers of The Dragon Lady of Stockbridge know, Rebecca Farnsworth Maxwell got her nickname from the fearsome walking stick she carried. Now all three of the original drawings of that walking stick are going on sale. E. J. Barnes, the artist, … Continue reading

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