It’s my birthday on February 14

Birthday rules

Rule #1: select your parents well. Mine weren’t rich, nor especially happy, but they dealt fairly with their children.

Rule #2: pick your birth date carefully. Being a Valentine baby led to all sorts of embarrassment when I was young. My family would go out to dinner on my birthday, and my father would say to the waitress, “Look at the wonderful valentine my wife gave me [xx] years ago.” I would duck under the table at that point. On the other hand, it was great having a birthday that fell on a holiday that is celebrated with candy and chocolate, and I have the cavities to prove it!

Rule #3: pick your birth time carefully. I raced a blizzard and won, with my mother going into labor and arriving at the hospital before the storm hit. Ever since, I have had a special relationship with bad weather. I’ve had lightning strike within twenty feet of me without harming me.ย I’ve outraced a rainstorm on a bicycle near Angla on the island of Saaremaa in Estonia. These events definitely prove I’m special, but I’m not sure whether that’s “special” as in “fortunate,” or “special” as in “stupid.”

The windmills of Angla, with the storm fast approaching

The windmills of Angla, with the storm fast approaching

Rule #4: Returning to the place of your birth is really overrated when it was in a hospital. It becomes even less appealing when the hospital is converted into a home for disturbed teenagers. Particularly when, as happened once in my early twenties, I was plagued with migraines and taking even more drugs than the teenagers were.

Rule #5: If there’s a person listed on Wikipedia for your birth date, but you’ve never heard of him or her, it’s like the date is still reserved for you to make it, eventually.


About Brian Bixby

I enjoy history because it helps me understand people. I'm writing fiction for much the same reason.
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23 Responses to It’s my birthday on February 14

  1. Russell says:

    Happy [xx] Birthday, Brian!

  2. Judy says:

    Happy Birthday Brian!! Its not so bad being born on a day when fat little cupids are running around aiming little well intentioned arrows!! I am a February baby too!! (Not V Day but I would not have minded!) Hope your day is a wonderful one!!

  3. Holly wgbh says:

    That is so funny ๐Ÿ™‚ Well done! Initially I thought you were joking…Wow, you are very special, in fortunate way, and the first or only person I know who’s born on Valentines Day! I felt something special around you, there you go ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy Birthday Day on this Valentines Day!!


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    • Brian Bixby says:

      Well, I did once work with people who would go into a restaurant and proclaim it was someone’s birthday when it was not. But, yes, it’s real. Oddly enough, just met someone from my home town with a Valentine’s Day birthday (though in a different year).

  4. danagpeleg1 says:

    I’d add to no. 3 that you should pick your season of birth carefuly. I was born in the heat of summer, my least favorite season… Happy B/V day, dear B.!

  5. crimsonprose says:

    Happy Birthday and many returns. But the flags don’t fly on your special day; they do on mine. As a child my mother told me the flags were flying for me. No. It’s Prince Philip’s birthday, the Queen’s husband. Pooh!

  6. suzy beal says:

    Happy Birthday, Brian

    Yes, picking the right date is important. I goofed and chose April Fools Day. With five brothers, my birthdays always had an element of fear attached to them.

    Enjoy the moment, knowing it is your day.


  7. grizyeti says:

    Hm, a novel view. I like it, made me chuckle, even if I wasn’t supposed to.
    I particularly liked the taking more drugs than the troubled teenagers.
    But, most enjoyable was the wikipedia, if no one you’ve heard of has your day, then it is yours to make, excellent point there to make one think of how to be memorable.

    • Brian Bixby says:

      Glad you enjoyed it.
      I learned about the drug dosage from a nurse who worked at the former hospital. She asked me what my doctor had prescribed for my headaches, and was shocked at the dosage level.
      This time, next year, let’s check Wikipedia again for our names!

      • grizyeti says:

        Deal! Hopefully one of us is on their way!

        • Brian Bixby says:

          In looking at your blog, I see you’re into horror stories. You might take a peek at two stories on this blog:
          “On Huckman Causeway,” a short horror story I wrote last Halloween, and
          :The Dragon Lady of Stockbridge,” a novel-length story of a magician who gave up magic when she married, and has her past catch up with her in 1886.
          If they fit your tastes, great! If not, my apologies for wasting your time.

        • Shadow Girl says:

          I’m sure you’ll both make it there eventually!
          Let’s hope it’s not for climbing a clock-tower, in a tu-tu, with a blow-gun.
          I’m looking forward to checking out ‘On Huckman Causeway’ and ‘The Dragon Lady of Stockbridge’, giving up your magick for love… hard choice.

          • Brian Bixby says:

            You do know the story of the German general who died while performing in a tu-tu for the Kaiser? His name was Graf von Hulsen-Haeseler and it happened in 1908. That’s why there’s a running animation to that effect in Monty Python.

            Hope you enjoy the stories. For a shadow girl, probably my darkest female character so far is Martha from “Martha’s Children,” as chapter 2 this Friday will demonstrate.

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