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Responding to Crimson’s Creative Challenge #90

My friend Crispina Kemp does a weekly “challenge” to her readers, to respond to a photograph she has posted. This week, she posted the following photo: In response, I offer this photo, of my own composition: It’s from Angla, on … Continue reading

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Death of a hat

Besides visiting a fellow blogger, my partner E.J. and I spent several days last month in Normandy. Neither of us had been there before. Friends of ours own a pre-Revolutionary farmhouse that has come down through their family. Considering that … Continue reading

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Reaching out to a fellow blogger

Who’s that blogger you follow, or that comments on your blog? Is it a real person, or just someone trying to sell you something? And would you ever want to meet the real person behind that blog in person? For the … Continue reading

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For love of maps

I grew up a map fiend. No, this is not a statement of my spiritual status, but instead a proclamation of an abiding interest in maps. When I was a kid, we got many maps through National Geographic Magazine, which tended … Continue reading

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Visiting where Shakers conducted businesses sacred and secular

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while know about my interest in the Shakers, a religious group that worshiped a godhead with male and female aspects, and practiced celibacy and communal living while awaiting the … Continue reading

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The Shell Grotto, Margate

And here’s a genuine mystery of a construction, from the blog “My Search for Magic.” The Shell Grotto, Margate.

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Chapter 21 of Martha’s Children, and the college trip

Detective Sherlock Kammen is willing to trail his boss to find out where Martha and her sorceress are. But how far will he go when the trail leads to one of Ned’s family members? Find out in “Happy in this, … Continue reading

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The false prophet of Leyden, Massachusetts

My recent post on cities reminded me of a curious story from the town of Leyden, Massachusetts. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts (for that is the official name of this state, a peculiarity shared with Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Kentucky) is completely … Continue reading


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In pursuit of a history of spiritual shaking

After being sick for a month, I decided to get out of the house and go visit the former site of a Shaker village. Most Americans these days, if they think of the Shakers at all, think of their finely … Continue reading

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It’s my birthday on February 14

Birthday rules Rule #1: select your parents well. Mine weren’t rich, nor especially happy, but they dealt fairly with their children. Rule #2: pick your birth date carefully. Being a Valentine baby led to all sorts of embarrassment when I … Continue reading

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