Chapter 12 of Martha’s Children, and blog changes coming

If Ned’s ever going to be a cop again, he’s going to need the list of cops Martha turned into vampires. Because Love told him it was the only way, he’s risked his life, and come close to killing Martha, to get it. And now, in “The list,” chapter 12 of Martha’s Children, Ned’s finally going to get his chance to get that list from Martha. But will she give it up? And under what conditions?

Sillyverse, this blog, is about to undergo a number of changes. So don’t be surprised if you check in and find things look different or have been rearranged.

Time to tinker with the blog's machinery!

Time to tinker with the blog’s machinery!

The most obvious change will be in the blog’s “dress.” It’s been the same since the beginning, except for the banner header, which belongs to The Dragon Lady of Stockbridge. Dearly though I love Dragon Lady, that story’s been finished for three months, and Martha’s Children has been the ongoing serial for more than two months. It’s time the blog’s appearance reflects that. I expect to complete changing it by next Friday.

Less obviously, I’ll be changing the structure and contents of the blog. It’s outgrown its original design as simply the place I was offering Dragon Lady. I have certain types of readers I didn’t expect, as well. And finally, some of the old posts are no longer relevant, while others still have useful information but in less than useful form. The reorganization will be a more gradual process, probably taking about a month.

I’m not planning any major changes in the purpose of the blog. But if I come up with some ideas while reorganizing it, you’ll all be the first to know!


About Brian Bixby

I enjoy history because it helps me understand people. I'm writing fiction for much the same reason.
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