A new serial – As the Wyrm Tyrns

Sillyverse was begun to tell long stories in serial form over many weeks. For much of this year, the blog has been all but suspended while I attended to family and personal issues. Between some timely important decisions and being rested from my trip to France last month (including this episode), it seemed like a good time to get the blog going again.

You do not want a wyrm loose in the Water! (Photo; E. J. Barnes)

You do not want a wyrm loose in the Water!
(Photo; E. J. Barnes)

So this week begins a new story: As the Wyrm Tyrns.  “What’s it about?” you ask. Wyrms. Well, a wyrm. (I’m using the word over and over again so you realize it’s not just a typo.) A wyrm is a dangerous creature, all the more so for being poorly understood. Geoffrey MacAlpine, a professor who has studied many things strange and magical, would suggest arm wrestling polar bears as safer than confronting a wyrm. Pity, then, he has to go confront one himself. To find out just what’s going on, start reading Chapter One: Two uncomfortable people, to learn more. (And if you want a bit of background on Geoff, he has appeared in one earlier short story on this blog.)

As with previous serials, a new chapter of As the Wyrm Tyrns will go up every Friday morning until the story is done. Each chapter will be hyperlinked forward and backward, to make it easier to read. And there is a parent page with links to all the chapters as they go up.

Now, I must emphasize that As the Wyrm Tyrns is a work of fiction. Any resemblance between characters in the story and real people, living or dead, is strictly coincidental, except when it isn’t because I begged for permission to smuggle thinly disguised versions of people into my story. But the real people are not the same as my fictional characters. For one thing, the real people are nicer. (I’m required to say that.) And the fictional characters think and do things their real-life counterparts would never do, I think. So don’t confuse them.


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I enjoy history because it helps me understand people. I'm writing fiction for much the same reason.
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