Wrapping things up in the epilogue to As the Wyrm Tyrns

soe_orm_1555With the Breydon wyrm going back into its slumber, and the Faroe Islands female wyrm away from Great Yarmouth, our team’s business is almost through. But there remain a few loose ends to tie up, and Geoffrey MacAlpine’s the man to do it. Read about his curious conversation with the most subtle person involved in the laying of the wyrms in “Epilogue: Two days later,” the concluding chapter to my weekly serial, As the Wyrm Tyrns. If you want to read the story from start to finish, you can start here or here.

This was originally going to be a short story, a gift to two fellow bloggers when I went to visit one of them last summer. And yes, I did ask their permission to create thinly disguised alter egos of them. One has a photography site and blog that often features Florida birds, the other writes a fiction blog, though she, too is branching out into photography of the Norfolk (England) landscape. Pay them a visit if you want to see the work of Jacintha’s and Calpurnia’s originals.

As I say, this was meant to be a short story. It’s a curious fact that I usually know how my stories will end, but the route they ultimately take to get there is more complicated (and I hope more interesting) than what I initially envision. I had some fun with this one, but in the process turned it into a story that runs 75 pages in manuscript! And I’m so used to “Calpurnia” and “Jacintha” than I have taken to calling their real-life originals by those names when I’m not being careful. For that reason alone, I’m glad to be wrapping up this story.

And it’s time to take a break. I don’t expect to start up any new stories or have much else to post for about a month. After that, we’ll see. Thanks for following the most recent story, and I hope to see you back here when I return.


About Brian Bixby

I enjoy history because it helps me understand people. I'm writing fiction for much the same reason.
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4 Responses to Wrapping things up in the epilogue to As the Wyrm Tyrns

  1. E. J. Barnes says:

    “…thaN what I initially envision.”
    Dang, that looks more like an intestine than a serpent.

  2. crimsonprose says:

    And I thank you for the plug. I have, just today, finished the first draft of my next story. Another of the Asaric tales it might be. But I think you’ll find this one entirely different. 🙂

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