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A useful suggestion for Harry and Meghan

It’s the weekend. Time for lighter topics, such as “Whatever shall we do about Harry and Meghan?” For those of you who missed it, Harry and Meghan, a.k.a. the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, members of the British Royal Family, … Continue reading

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Genesis: the unauthorized real lowdown

The story of the creation of Man and his expulsion from the Garden of Eden has been retold many times since its origin in Genesis. Some takes have been profound discussions of theology, while others have had a political bite. Mark … Continue reading

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Trust me; I know what I’m doing! A retrospective on Sledge Hammer!

Sledge Hammer! is a mostly-forgotten TV comedy show from the 1980s with a cult following. It probably doesn’t deserve either to be forgotten or to be a cult show. I’m not sure what it deserves! But it’s an interesting look at the … Continue reading

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Stop the War on an American Tradition!

THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE IS UNDER ATTACK! Oh, it started innocently enough. First there was the war on slavery. Then there was the war on drugs. Then there was the war on Santa, even questioning his racial status. And … Continue reading

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It is good to be the king

Today’s the 37th birthday of the heir to the throne of Sweden (Happy birthday, Vicky!) and tomorrow’s the 329th anniversary of execution of the would-be heir to the British throne, the Duke of Monmouth. Americans are rather ignorant of monarchies, … Continue reading

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New Additions to the Zombie Reading Shelf (TM)

The Zombie Reading Shelf® is pleased to announce the following new titles for release in Spring, 2014: Obese Americans: Health Hazard or Hunting Opportunity? by Dr. Gwen Ross (deceased) — Zombies have found the increasing number of overweight Americans to be … Continue reading

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The comparative anatomy of glamorous vampires: two novels

Since the serial I’m writing, Martha’s Children, is a vampire story, I figured I should get caught up on some of the contemporary literary depictions of vampires. As luck would have it, I stumbled into two novels of vampires of the … Continue reading

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