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The Coldest City for an Atomic Blonde

My partner is a cartoonist. So we take a particular interest in movies that are based on comics. For example, no sooner did we see The Death of Stalin, then she was on the phone to France, asking a friend to … Continue reading

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The Spirit is Willing but the movie is dated

A romantic triangle in 1898 ends with all three lovers dead. And their ghosts go on to kill people and drive them insane. It’s a comedy, don’t you know? The Spirit is Willing claimed in its advertising to “face the biggest … Continue reading

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Stoker devolution: from Dracula to Seven Stars to The Awakening

Between having some idle time, and doing some Egyptian-themed reading, I decided to watch a movie I’d been meaning to see for some years, The Awakening. No, I’m not going Kate Chopin on you, nor am I talking about the 2011 … Continue reading

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