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Magician’s Apprentice Chapter LXIV

The story so far: On the run from the law, Tollon worries that a magician might also be hunting him. Now read on . . . Zilla is pessimistic. “I often dismiss Sarton. But that’s because he’s been uninterested in … Continue reading

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Things get wyrmy in chapter 8 of As the Wyrm Tyrns

Reality can surprise you. You, me, everyone. With the possible exception of Bathsheba Kingsley, Calpurnia’s middle daughter, who seems to be surprised by nothing. Not even her mother having her foot almost burnt off by a fire-breathing wyrm. One must … Continue reading


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The Shell Grotto, Margate

And here’s a genuine mystery of a construction, from the blog “My Search for Magic.” The Shell Grotto, Margate.

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