A Halloween short story: Dead Cellphone

According to WordPress, I just hit 200 people following this blog on the 25th. So, between that and Halloween, it’s time to celebrate with an original horror story. And here’s the link to it: it is called “Dead Cellphone.”

“Dead Cellphone” isn’t connected to any other story on this blog. At least I don’t think so.

And that’s my three Halloween posts! I’ll be posting only irregularly in November. Probably back to a regular schedule of story chapter posting in December.


About Brian Bixby

I enjoy history because it helps me understand people. I'm writing fiction for much the same reason.
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5 Responses to A Halloween short story: Dead Cellphone

  1. suzy beal says:

    Great story!

    I keep thinking of your Martha’s Children when I see the adds for the new show on TV called “Almost Human.” (I think that’s the name) It’s about robot cops, although they are more sophistacated than robots. Why not vampire cops?

    You need to find an agent. I know you have the stories and talent to get published.

    On another subject. We watched the World Series and were rooting for Boston Red Socks, of course. What do you know about their beards? One announcer said something about the Amish beards, but they can’t all be Amish. Interesting side line to baseball.

    Suzy .

    • Brian Bixby says:

      Coincidentally. I saw ads for “Being Human” on my most recent visit up north with my mother.
      I haven’t been following the Sox, though we almost got trapped in Boston last night after returning from a concert, barely getting past Fenway on the Green Line before the game ended. My understanding is that, after their shellacking last year (last place in their division), some of them started growing beards in spring training, and the rest gradually decided to join them. Manly men, our Sox. I give them credit for going from last place to win the World Series in one year!

      One reason I’m taking the next month away form the blog is to do more work on figuring out how to get these stories published. We’ll see.

      And I have to admit, Ned and his fellow vampire cops originally began as a throw-away line in another story, to describe what Martha was doing in Chicago around 1968-69. (Bree’s seen that story, but I don’t think you have. I expect to greatly revise and expand it.) And then I began wondering just why Martha would be going after cops in Chicago, and why the cops there let vampires join their ranks.

      I’ve since learned that Charlaine Harris alludes to vampire cops in the first book of her Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire/True Blood series of novels. Having not read the rest of her stories, I don’t know how much more she’s done with them. But her vampires and mine are far enough apart that there’s room for us both!

  2. crimsonprose says:

    Congrats on the stats. I do not hope to reach that in my first year. Though it grows; it does grow.

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