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Going back into time for historical fantasy novel reviews

While I’ve not been writing, I’ve been reading to recharge my batteries. I tackled two recent historical fantasy novels, Stephanie Burgis’s Congress of Secrets (2016) and Walter H. Hunt’s Elements of Mind (2014). Odds are you might like one or the other, but … Continue reading


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Chapter eighteen of Magician’s Misfortune

Harry Eberhardt is in the middle of nowhere in Vermont (an easy state to do that in), on the run from his employer, the Federal Government’s Office of Occult Affairs. His only ally is a magician who calls herself Becky, … Continue reading

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Alchemists of alchemy: Principe and Jonson

Everything you know about alchemy is wrong. Well, not everything. Yes, some alchemists tried to discover the Philosophers’ Stone, which could turn base metal into gold and guarantee long life and health. Sort of like going to Vegas. In his … Continue reading

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