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Fictional religious communities

There have been a lot of fictional religious communities.¬†The Children of the New Revelation in my running serial¬†Prophecies and Penalties are hardly the first. So I thought I’d take a look at four examples, two from the 19th century, two … Continue reading

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Bad movie night, cinematic history, and “Salem”

We have a tradition in my household of holding “bad movie nights.” These are evening when we bring together a number of friends of humorous (or at least sarcastic) disposition. Once together, and properly provided with food and alcohol, we … Continue reading

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Alchemists of alchemy: Principe and Jonson

Everything you know about alchemy is wrong. Well, not everything. Yes, some alchemists tried to discover the Philosophers’ Stone, which could turn base metal into gold and guarantee long life and health. Sort of like going to Vegas. In his … Continue reading

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Traveling in imagination to Viking Iceland

I’ve recently been reading books on medieval Iceland. It’s a fascinating period in a curious land. The island was settled by Vikings fleeing from the rule of the first major Norwegian king, Harald Finehair (c. 850 – c. 932), or … Continue reading

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Chapter 4 of Prophecies and Penalties, and charismatic Instruments

Ethan Knowles may be married to Emily’s former babysitter, but he’s got a history, a history that makes Emily not sure she can trust him. Still, for the moment, he’s the best source she has for what’s going on with … Continue reading

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Review: Leigh Eric Schmidt, Heaven’s Bride

Seeing that today, March 3, is the anniversary of the passing of the Comstock Act in 1873, I thought it appropriate to review a book about one of the victims of the Comstock Act, Ida C. Craddock (1857-1902). First, a … Continue reading

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Chapter Two of Prophecies and Penalties, and Charlie on the MTA

So Emily Fisher is going back to her home town, which she doesn’t want to do, to investigate a murder, something she doesn’t know how to do. Misery may love company, but Emily doesn’t have any on her flight to … Continue reading

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Abigail Lane begins her investigation of the Office, 1934

An extract from the unpublished memoir of Abigail Lane, in response to a reader’s request. This memoir was found in a box in Miss Lane’s house in Connecticut when it was being demolished in 2008. Although I had offered him … Continue reading

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Abigail Lane: a biography

As she has appeared in two stories on this blog, here is a brief biography of Abigail Lane, Practicing Magician, Office of Occult Affairs. Abigail Lane was born on November 18, 1851, the only daughter of an impoverished Connecticut cooper, … Continue reading

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Closing out the year on the Sillyverse blog

2013 was a good year for the Sillyverse blog. I wrote, you all replied. So this end of year will sum up what I did, what you did, and what’s to come. What did I do? In 2013, I finished … Continue reading

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