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Review: Rachel Urquhart, The Visionist

Writing a novel about the Shakers forces a serious novelist to have to make several choices, some of which will shape the story, others of which can detrimentally affect the story. To her credit, most of Rachel Urquhart’s choices in The … Continue reading

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Visiting where Shakers conducted businesses sacred and secular

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while know about my interest in the Shakers, a religious group that worshiped a godhead with male and female aspects, and practiced celibacy and communal living while awaiting the … Continue reading

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Chapter 13 of Prophecies and Penalties

Emily Fisher may have a clue that points to Alex Bancroft, the Prophesied One, as the killer of High Councilor Stephen Nash. So she’s less that thrilled to run into Alex before she’s had a chance to investigate further. It turns … Continue reading

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In pursuit of a history of spiritual shaking

After being sick for a month, I decided to get out of the house and go visit the former site of a Shaker village. Most Americans these days, if they think of the Shakers at all, think of their finely … Continue reading

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