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Not existing is not easy in chapter 11 of To Ride the Lightning Bolt

Daphne Vane has been replaced by a more perfect version of herself. Far from fulfilling her dreams, this has become a nightmare for Daphne, who just suffered a beating at the hands (and shoes) of her alter ego. Daphne’s not … Continue reading

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Hangsaman by Shirley Jackson

There seems to be a rule that “popular” writers are disdained by critics, if not in their lifetime then shortly after they die. After a few decades, if they’re lucky, some influential critics says, in effect, “Although I’m not supposed … Continue reading


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Chapter 2 of Nightfeather:Ghosts, and Tarot

Telling fortunes is easy, no? There are┬áso many rich fortune tellers. Yeah, right, in your dreams. Sanderson plays Madame Fortuna to earn a few bucks. But it’s not always easy money. Find out how it can go wrong in chapter … Continue reading

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Another birthday – Pamela Colman Smith

I couldn’t let this day go by without saying a word about Pamela Colman Smith (February 16, 1878 – September 18, 1951), because she was connected to two topics on this blog: the occult and horror fiction. Pamela had an … Continue reading

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Xmas meets Tarot (the holiday non-post post)

A mystical, magical holiday season to you all! (If you want the artist’s explanation of the symbolism of this variation on the Moon card of the Tarot, go here.)

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