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In pursuit of a history of spiritual shaking

After being sick for a month, I decided to get out of the house and go visit the former site of a Shaker village. Most Americans these days, if they think of the Shakers at all, think of their finely … Continue reading

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It’s my birthday on February 14

Birthday rules Rule #1: select your parents well. Mine weren’t rich, nor especially happy, but they dealt fairly with their children. Rule #2: pick your birth date carefully. Being a Valentine baby led to all sorts of embarrassment when I … Continue reading

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Chapter 22 of Dragon Lady, and my patron saint of digressions

“Solomon Davis takes charge,” chapter 22 of The Dragon Lady of Stockbridge, is now available. The future leader of the Office of Occult Affairs arrived on the scene too late to prevent the holocaust in the previous chapter. What’s left for … Continue reading

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Summer vacations on Winnisquam

In The Dragon Lady of Stockbridge, and in a related blog post, I’ve written about how the wealthy of the Gilded Age erected “cottages” of up to one hundred rooms to spend part of their vacation time. It’s made me reflect … Continue reading

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Lucky(?) chapter 13 of Dragon Lady is here, and my Scottish misadventure

After two weeks of suspense, “Different truths,” chapter 13 of The Dragon Lady of Stockbridge finally reveals what happened when the parson put a gun to Rebecca’s head. It’s a long chapter, by the way, about twice as long as usual, … Continue reading

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My own tale of crime (sort of) from the Berkshires

As readers of this blog know, my ongoing story, The Dragon Lady of Stockbridge, is set in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. I’ve traveled all over the region myself, indeed have visited every town in the region. I’ve stood at the mouth … Continue reading

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