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Review: Violet Hunt, (More) Tales of the Uneasy (1911, 1925)

Every year at Halloween, I dig up a “moldy oldy,” a generally forgotten book of supernatural fiction to read. This year, for a change, I tackled a pair of short stories collections: Tales of the Uneasy (1911) and More Tales … Continue reading

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The middle of the year

Tomorrow is July 1, 2014. Summer officially began with the equinox on June 21. Midsummer Night, June 23, I sometimes sit back with a good drink and read Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I have to admit I didn’t do it … Continue reading

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Conflict: reviewing a year of writing

Time for another review of writing techniques, based on the last year’s work. Let’s talk about conflict. Lesson #1: Personal conflict works. Some of the better parts of Martha’s Children, notably Nora’s tense interview with her parish priest, are driven … Continue reading

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The writer’s happy lament; or, writer’s block as an aid to writing

I have been suffering from writer’s block for a month. It’s not that I couldn’t write. I just couldn’t write anything that felt good. That, as it turns out, was a valuable warning sign. It told me I needed to … Continue reading

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Writing to offend

Writers have an almost unlimited opportunity to offend their readers: sex, violence, race, religion, politics, profanity, gender, class, and so on. Americans in particular live in a society that officially encourages freedom of speech, and at the same time says … Continue reading

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Criticizing others’ writing

Back in December, I posted a query to readers, asking when and how it is appropriate to criticize the writings of others on their blogs. I should note I was thinking of literary blogs when I wrote this, though some … Continue reading

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Review: Timepiece by Heather Albano

It’s time for another book review, and like the last one, this one will tackle the book from a prospective author’s perspective. Like the book in the previous review, I picked this one up almost by chance. I was at … Continue reading

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Chapter 22 of Dragon Lady, and my patron saint of digressions

“Solomon Davis takes charge,” chapter 22 of The Dragon Lady of Stockbridge, is now available. The future leader of the Office of Occult Affairs arrived on the scene too late to prevent the holocaust in the previous chapter. What’s left for … Continue reading

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Clark Ashton Smith influenced me, but I don’t write like him!

As I write, it’s the birthday of Clark Ashton Smith (January 13, 1893 – August 14, 1961), a horror and fantasy writer who might best be described as “almost famous.” He’s most often remembered as a member of the triumvirate … Continue reading

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Query to readers: criticizing the writing of others

I’ve run into an issue, and need help. I’m reading the blogs of several writers. Their experiences are varied, the quality of their writing more so. What kind of criticism should I offer them? My difficulty can be boiled down … Continue reading

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