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A comedy of errors in chapter 19 of As the Wyrm Tyrns

Our heroes have made their share of mistakes. Geoff and Gwen just got dumped into Breydon Water thanks to one of them. But it’s a long wyrm that has no tyrning, and the Breydon wyrms are 60 feet long, so … Continue reading

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Trust me; I know what I’m doing! A retrospective on Sledge Hammer!

Sledge Hammer! is a mostly-forgotten TV comedy show from the 1980s with a cult following. It probably doesn’t deserve either to be forgotten or to be a cult show. I’m not sure what it deserves! But it’s an interesting look at the … Continue reading

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Chapter 7 of Summer of the Netherfield Witch, and the role of comedy in horror

One wouldn’t think comedy and horror go well together. Yet they do. It’s a matter of balance and perspective. If a book or movie just keeps piling horror on top of horror, they begin to pall after a while. Worse, … Continue reading

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A birthday, a discovery: Elaine May

Elaine May (born April 21, 1932) is one of those people I’d heard about, but didn’t really know about. Which is not surprising, because her career was at its peak when I was very young. By the time I grew … Continue reading

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