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Off topic, off blog: 9/11 commemorations

“9/11” gets a lot of attention in the United States, for good reason. But it doesn’t generate much thought. I don’t normally touch contemporary political issues here on Sillyverse, by design. Still, I have a few words to say about … Continue reading


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How to argue politics on a thread

We’d all love to be triumphant word warriors online. But sometimes other people fail to recognize our genius. They try to engage us in discussions, using “reason” and “evidence” to convince us. Well, saddle up, word warriors, because we have … Continue reading

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Chapter 17 of Martha’s Children, and the Walker Report

In “To unburden all my plots and purposes,” chapter 17 of Martha’s Children, Sherlock Kammen finds out more about how Martha and sorcerers may affect his chances to get back on the police force. And for all you women’s libbers, as … Continue reading

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The end of the Knights Templar, 1314

Today marks the 699th anniversary of one of the major steps in the destruction of the Knights Templar: the burning of the last Grand Master, Jacques de Molay, as a relapsed heretic. It was one of the last acts in … Continue reading

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Chicago 1968: politics as riot

In Martha’s Children, Martha and her fellow vampires end up in a war with the Chicago cops when they come to that city for the 1968 Democratic National Convention. Their experience resembles that of many of the people who came to … Continue reading

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Chapter 2 of Martha’s Children, and the Sixties

“Home schooling, vampire style,” chapter 2 of Martha’s Children, is now available for you to read. Ned thinks being a vampire is his only problem. By the time Martha teaches him a thing or two, he’s going to find out differently. … Continue reading

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